Want a bracelet you can’t find anywhere else? Look no further than these SAFFY handmade bracelets! They will enchant you with their very special appearance and various creative details that are interwoven into a beautiful whole. Because of their uniqueness and personal touches they also make a very nice gift that will impress anyone. They are made by hand with a lot of love and attention to every detail.

Our colorful and handmade bracelets are made of different materials which are expertly combined so that you can get the most out of the different combinations of colors and textures to keep your look amazing and interesting. Some of the designs are made from Fimo modelling clay and waxed cotton cords which are interwoven into macrame techniques to give them a playful look. These are currently very fashionable and combine very well with a long summer dress or tunic.

Handmade bracelets

Some of the bracelets available have crocheted bases to which colorful Fimo beads are added as well as many other shapes, small cubes, triangles and various other ornaments. Each bracelet is a little different! These are dressed to impress with their creativity and diversity and keep your attention with interesting varied details interwoven on them. This impressive bracelet will be admired each and every time you wear it.

Custom fabrication is also possible which takes into account all of your personal style preferences. If you look through the many bracelets available and still cannot find exactly what you are looking for, we would be happy to create a made to order bracelet just for you! Contact us.

Handmade bracelets are mostly metal-free – making them comfortable to wear. They are designed to attract attention, no matter what you wear or what you wear them with, they combine easily and each one is simply gorgeous!

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