Unique Fimo mass brooches, sometimes with crocheted waxed cotton detailed cords are extremely fashionable, playful and interesting. You can wear them on a T-shirt, blouse, sweatshirt, sweater, jacket or coat or attach them to any other garment. These lovely pieces are carefully crafted and our SAFFY collection brooches are sure to brighten up any article of clothing. If you’ve gotten a little tired of some clothes these brooches are just the thing to breathe new life and style into them.

You can find many unique and handmade dress brooches that are made with lots of patience for all sorts of details and with a great sense of aesthetics. Different mischievous shapes will impress you and will put a smile on your face. Others will catch your eye with their elegance.

Handmade brooches

Some brooches are more organic and others are more abstract and geometric in shape so you are sure to find the perfect brooch for every taste. They also make a very nice gift for your mom, daughter, friend, teacher, or anyone else you want to give a little happiness to.

The bases for the brooch are made of stainless steel, with one or more layers of FIMO modelling clay attached to them with accessories from a variety of other materials, giving it a vibrant yet rounded look. SAFFY brooches are available in different sizes from larger to smaller – which of course are more discreet, but no less beautiful. Some are very colorful while others are more subdued. These are all available for purchase so everyone can find what suits them best according to their preferences and tastes.

There are many different options to choose from and each one is equally enchanting. Which one is the best? Which one fits your personality and style the most? The decision is definitely not easy, as every SAFFY brooch is something special!

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