SAFFY’s beautiful necklaces capture a lot of creativity, so every one of them is really gorgeous! They are made of waxed cotton cords in black, beige, gray, brown, dark blue and other various colors or from a rubber base to which charming and interesting Fimo creations are added. The beads, balls and other accessories attached to them are mostly made by hand from the Fimo mass polymer clay, which makes each necklace a completely unique combination of different colors and shapes.

SAFFY handmade unique necklaces can be colorful or monochrome, with many to choose from with different shades of color and even more interesting designs that are created by different structures, shapes and colored materials that blend together into an aesthetic and sophisticated whole. All unique necklaces are made according to current inspiration, so despite their careful and precise craftsmanship, they are very relaxed, playful and vibrant, and above all, made to excite and delight everyone.

Unique necklaces

Unique necklaces SAFFY are mostly metal-free, but if metal is included, they are made of stainless steel and nickel free, which makes it comfortable to wear even for those who are sensitive to it. They are available in different sizes or lengths so you can find the length that suits you the best. Some chains are long, others shorter, and others are a medium length. Whichever one you choose, they are all made to fit satisfactorily.

In addition to various Fimo mass additions, they often include macrame nodes and various other techniques such as crochet are used. It makes every necklace a little different, so it’s worth looking at the whole list of available necklaces to find exactly the right one for you. Of course, it is also possible to make a custom SAFFY necklace, which you can take advantage of for yourself or as a gift for someone to match their own unique style and wishes!

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