Round, square and triangular rings in many colors and different structures will certainly enchant you with their unique appearance. You won’t find anything like this anywhere else! Handmade SAFFY rings are made of polymer clay, most often the popular Fimo modelling clay, from which the most amazing jewelry can be fashioned. Proof of this is certainly the unique rings that will surprise and delight you with their unique combination of colors, shapes and structures. They are also unique because of their different textures, wonderful asymmetry, eclecticism and simply different designs that will never go out fashion – because unique is always in! With so many FIMO modelling clay rings available, you will be hard pressed to find two exactly the same as each one is carefully crafted by hand and with a great deal of creativity.

Handmade unique rings

Newer and newer models are constantly emerging. No matter which one you choose, each one is completely unique, special, different. Some of the pieces are very large and noticeable, and are especially suitable for special occasions when you really want to shine, but others are smaller and more minimalist, and are especially appropriate for every day looks. For example, most pieces are created using a combination of several layers of Fimo modelling clay, which gives a multilayered appearance and a very interesting design. With so many to choose from, it is difficult to decide on one, as all of them are truly wonderful. The base of the unique rings are made of stainless steel that is nickel free. They can also be knitted from waxed cotton cords which are really something special and even more comfortable to wear. Some of the pieces are made entirely of fimo mass, while the other rings are made of rubber or various other materials. This way everyone can find a unique ring according to their taste!

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